The Meaning of the Atonement

Now your next reference is D&C 93:29:

"Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth was not created or made, neither indeed can be."

Now the thing which acts is called "eternal intelligence," in the plural, "eternal intelligences."

The next one is D&C 93:30:

"All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence."

These intelligences are independent and act voluntarily, they are not compelled and the heavens wait on them until they obey. They don't do anything until they're ready, just like us. Our Heavenly Father built the whole Universe with this "element x of action." This energy factor in the Universe is intelligence, and it operates as fast and in a direction that it is willing to follow.

Now, Abraham 3:19:

"And the Lord said unto me: These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they; I am the Lord thy God, I am more intelligent than they all."

These intelligences are graded, from lowest to the highest, and the highest of them all is God's intelligence himself, and we're in between.

And some intelligences were assigned to the elements and some were assigned to plant life and some were assigned to animals and those that were His very special, superior, super-deluxe intelligences were given bodies in His image, and you are they! You are very, very special people.

Joseph Smith describes this in the Documentary History of the Church, volume 4, page 519. He says, "And I explained to the quorum of the Twelve tonight (and their wives), the doctrine of "The Eternal Progression of Intelligences."

Then he doesn't tell us what the explanation was so you have to go to Brigham Young and Parley P. Pratt and Heber C. Kimball and they explain what he explained to them but they got the doctrine from him.

Your next one is D&C 93:33:

"For man is spirit. The elements are eternal, and spirit and element, inseparably connected, receive a fulness of joy;"

That which is acted upon—there is a thing to act and a thing to be acted upon—that which is acted upon is called "Eternal Element." It's called element. It's matter.

Joseph Smith said that matter exists in two dimensions. The very refined element is called spirit and the more coarse element is called temporal matter, that we've got here. So it's all matter that exists in two planes: it's like ice and water. They're really the same thing, but they're on different dimensions (you can kind of think of it that way). Everything is made up of a combination of intelligences and matter. They are the building blocks of the Universe.

Abraham 4:18, 12, 10; Helaman 12:8, 9:

"And the Gods watched those things which they had ordered until they obeyed."

"And the Gods organized the earth to bring forth grass from its own seed, and the herb to bring forth herb from its own seed, yielding seed after his kind; and the earth to bring forth the tree from its own seed, yielding fruit, whose seed could only bring forth the same in itself, after his kind; and the Gods saw that they were obeyed."

"And the Gods pronounced the dry land, Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, pronounced they, Great Waters; and the Gods saw that they were obeyed." (Abraham 4: 18, 12, 10)

"For behold, the dust of the earth moveth hither and thither, to the dividing asunder, at the command of our great and everlasting God. Yea, behold at his voice do the hills and the mountains tremble and quake." (Helaman 12:8-9)

Now if you're a scientist and a real good scientist, this will be very exciting information because our most advanced research scientists in the pure research area have just proven that this is true: Matter does not function mechanically; it has an element of finite intelligence in it, they say. That's what Burgson, the French philosopher called it. It can distinguish. It can choose. It doesn't always do what the rules say. Some of those little elements are just as ornery as you and me. They go wandering around. In the aggregate we say that's the law of chemistry. In the aggregate, yes, but you look at them individually and they're fooling around. As a matter of fact, Robert Miligon said, "If all the elements were obeying all the rules of chemistry you would never die." There Is rebellion in the flesh and they're called "seeds of death." You may have heard of that before.

Element which has received intelligence attached to it, at Gods command, It will, obey. You want a mountain to move? TALK TO IT! IT'LL MOVE!! And they move when God commands it or His Priesthood does it by His authorization. When God commands these intelligences (in the elements), they obey! That's Jacob 4:6; 1 Nephi 20:13....

Now listen to Brigham Young discussing this principle: "There is life or intelligence in all matter throughout the vast extent of all the eternities: it is in the rock, in the sand, in water, air, the gases, and in short, in every description and organization of matter, whether it be solid, liquid or gaseous particle operating within particle."

Now all of a sudden we begirt to catch the vision of the miracle of God's creation. He goes out into the outer darkness of unorganized intelligences and unorganized bits of elements and combines them together so that a little tiny bit of element has an intelligence attached to it and now you can command it to combine together in certain ways. The Lord says, "I have given all of them a pattern which becomes the law by which they operate." Some will accept electricity and some will resist it. Some will combine with various things and you'll get a combination. Two particles of hydrogen and one of oxygen and we call it water. That's because they were organized that way. They are so marvelously organized that you can take one single little complex organization, it's called a cell, and it's fertilized by another cell and in 9 months, because of the DNA organization that is set up by a highly intelligent Heavenly Father, that will grow into a HUMAN BEING. And all by design! You almost stand in a worshipful feeling toward our Heavenly Father as you realize what is possible with that organizational structure.

Now let me show you a miracle. You see that hand? That is made of dirt! You want to see a miracle in engineering and Godly power? It's in that hand. That is made of dirt. Our Heavenly Father can speak to all of those little intelligences and he can turn them back into dirt that fast, (snap of fingers). Or He can say to them, like He said to the hand of Moses, "My children, half-way, not all the way, just half-way." Like leprosy maybe? "Moses, put your hand into your bosom." So he puts it in and the Lord says, "Now, my children!" "Moses, take your hand out." Leprosy, dripping, incurable, on the way back to dirt. "Moses, put your hand back in your bosom." And the Lord says, "Now, my children, as you were, everybody in your places." "'Take your hand out, Moses." Ahh, beautiful, clean, strong, pink flesh.

That's the miracle of God. Your children are a miracle. Everything around you is a miracle and for the first time we're beginning to understand: GOD SPEAKS AND THEY OBEY!

Things are made of that which acts and that which is acted upon and they've been identified for us by name. President Kimball said in the next world, that's when we'll have access to these intelligences to organize our own great systems.

Now Heavenly Father says, "Do you want to know what makes me God?" The source of God's power is D&C 29:36, Moses 4:1,4, where he talks about he source of His power, what makes Him God.

What do you think i t turns out to be? What makes a Being, suddenly, or over a process of time, a God?


So that when I speak and I say water, organize into wine, a very high grade of wine, please, there's no problem, they reorganize.

We call it a miracle. It was nothing in the world but obedient intelligences, that's the doctrine.

Now, keeping that in mind, (that is, D&C 29:36), what would happen if the Father violated the confidence of these intelligences? What do you think would happen? No church on the face of the Earth has dared to announce the doctrine contained in the Book of Mormon, Alma 42. No church has dared to suggest that God could fall.

Our Heavenly Father says, "I want you to know I walk the razors edge of Celestial law continually in order to maintain the confidence and the honor of all those who trust me because that's the source of my power." Now that gives us a whole new understanding of our Heavenly Father.

In Alma 42:13, 22, 25, He repeats it over and over again and in Mormon 9:19, he repeats it: If He were unjust, if He were arbitrary, if He were false in any sense, He would what? CEASE TO BE GOD!

Our Heavenly Father says, "I want you to understand me. I work within very strict rules. I have to function so that I enjoy their confidence and do not violate it."

Now in Alma 34:9, the Father says, "Once I have put you down into the second estate, I have lost all capacity to bring you back. If I did, it would be arbitrary, capricious and unjust and violate the rules by which the whole kingdom has been established. I lost complete control over the possibility of bringing you back myself. "


These are doctrines of the Church we seldom put in these dimensions. This is the Easter story. This is really the Easter story.

In fact it says there, that if there had not been some way to get us back to the presence of the Father, and it had been left to the Father, and he had been helpless to get us back, we would have ended back in outer darkness with Satan and his hosts. We would have gone the same route they went. And everything that had been organized by the Father in connection with us: our Earth, the other Earths (on which part of this family is located) and all the creations connected with it would have disintegrated and gone back to outer darkness, disorganized.

That's the scripture. Now this takes all the magic out of the creation. All of a sudden we can understand it in our finite way. Suddenly our Heavenly Father becomes so much more rational, comprehensible and our appreciation begins to accelerate as we begin to realize what a remarkable, beautiful, powerful personality He is.

2 Nephi 9:9; Here is where it says that we would end up with Satan and His angels were there no atonement. It is absolutely beyond the capacity of our Heavenly Father to lift His children who have stumbled, while learning the difference between good and evil, back into His presence because He has to operate according to the law. And all the other intelligences would say, "Father, now they have sinned and come short of thy glory; they cannot come back. Remember all the Laws you told us back then? We didn't get to be those top people, we were graded down. You remember? You know—laws you said, you kept talking about laws." These are they who demand justice and will not let us return. And should God try it, as it says in Alma, they would cease to honor Him and he would CEASE TO BE GOD!! That's the doctrine.

Then how do we do it? How do we do it? Alma 34:11:

"Now there is not any man that can sacrifice his own blood which will atone for the sins of another. Now, if a man murdereth, behold will our law, which is just, take the life of his brother? I say unto you, Nay."

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